I want you read your statement back to yourself while standing in front of a mirror, preferably with a newborn in your arms. You just said that an unborn child is a person and deserves to live and then you said that sometimes a mother should place her own interests above the very life of that child! If her child was born, would you feel the same way? After all, if that child is a person inside the womb, wouldn’t they still be a person on the outside? You seem to understand that a child three months away from their birth is the same as a child three months after their birth, yet you believe their mother should be able to kill them under some circumstances and not others?

Let me give you a platform you can actually stand on: Our lives begin at conception and so should our human rights. Simple, isn’t it?

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You know what I get it okay the object or person inside your womb is a person and yeah they deserve to live but the mother deserves a choice on what to do with their body. Yes you\'re going to say its selfish but my argument is that sometimes you have to do what\'s best for you. Sometimes abortion is just that. I\'m not saying always 100% put yourself before everybody else I\'m just saying that it\'s up to the mother and it\'s in no way your decision.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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