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Usually I don’t reblog stuff like this, I try to keep it light and supportive, but I can’t get over how true this is about culture shift. His page makes me want to throw up.

My statement that the most dangerous place to live is in the womb is absolutely true. More human beings have been killed while living in their mother’s womb than have been killed by every war, plague, genocide, famine, and natural disaster in recorded history – combined. Here are the current numbers of human beings lost to abortion and their equivalent population centers…

5,000 killed per HOUR – Germantown, Ohio

120,000 killed per DAY – New Haven, Connecticut

840,000 killed per WEEK – Jacksonville, Florida

3,650,000 killed per MONTH – Los Angeles, California

43,800,000 killed per YEAR – Canada and Israel, combined

No one ever said that the human beings losing their lives in other ways is somehow irrelevant or less of a tragedy. Until we end the devaluation of human life propagated by human abortion, it’s hard to imagine a world free of people killing one another. After all, if we teach our sons and daughters that it’s perfectly fine to kill their sons and daughters, how can we honestly expect our world to embrace a culture of life?

Not to mention your-lies-ruin-lives is being soooo tolerant and respectful. Make your argument sound and respectful, Cultureshift at least has that. You don’t. At all.

I said,”Pretty much.”

Am I being blamed for what the anon said? Oh, that’s so prolife tactic. “ALL prochoicers are responsible for what Gosnell/anons/etc.. say. But prolifers are their own little islands. They cannot possibly be blamed for Scott Roeder, their clinic bombers, doctor killers.. etc.. ” Right? 

I am fairly certain I don’t control what my readers say/think/feel. (And I certainly do not have to be tolerant of the attempted oppression of people’s bodies.) 

My apologies, I mistook your words for the anons (who was disrespectful).

Pro-life has it’s radicals. Pro-choice has it’s radicals too, you can’t deny that. But, I want you to think of us and how we’ve had to deal with people who have bombed clinics (who are obviously not pro-life) in the same way you thought of gosnell, tiller, and the other people who give your movement a bad name. You can’t just sit around and call all pro-lifers clinic bombers and bad people and think that pro-choice is guiltless and resolved from anything. Your movement definitely has some bad apples too. You can’t deny that. But yet, you’re not a bad person for being pro-choice. I’m not a bad person for being pro-life.

Oh, and by the way, we don’t want to oppress women’s bodies. I’m a woman and I know that my baby’s body is not my body, so it’s not my choice to kill him/her. If it was my choice to terminate/remove/kill my baby whenever I wanted when I was still pregnant for any reason, that would be oppressing my son’s/daughter’s right to live. I wonder which one’s worse.

Tiller saved people’s lives. He didn’t accept patients that on a whim decided to have an abortion late that. The only reason abortions are done as late as he did them was to save the life of the pregnant person or to spare a born infant the pain of a short, agonizing life when it was found to have severe abnormalities that would mean NO CHANCE at survival beyond a few hours. None of us agree with what Gosnell did, but Tiller saved the pregnant people. I know your movement likes to tout the “Oh, look at that brave woman who gave birth to the fetus with its brain missing and it died after 18 hours!” .. but think about that. If it had any capacity to feel pain, it felt all 18 hours of pain. That infant felt all that pain because that family decided that’s how it wanted to handle it. I think that’s selfish and wrong to force an infant to live 18 hours in pain so you can take some scary pictures and put them up. But that’s (maybe or maybe not) just me. 

MY movement’s bad apples didn’t warrant an entry on YOUR movement’s growing page of terrorist actions.  MY movement doesn’t have a page with our bad apples, because our bad apples yell. We might get triggered and knock down some of your signs. But we’ve never bombed anyone, shot anyone, stalked anyone to their home and learned their routine, we’ve never trashed their place of work, we’ve never done any of the things the prolife movement has. 

Wait, so, uh, I did some math and Canada has a population of 34.88 million. Israel has a population of 7.908 million. Total, Canada and Israel have populations of 42.788 million.

Let’s assume about half of the population has female-coded reproductive anatomy. That makes 21.394 million. Except, on average, some of these people will be too old or too young to have children, or they’ll be infertile for other reasons. About 55% of these people are in the right age range, and of those, about 16% have infertility. That leaves 9.884 million people who are capable of getting pregnant.

So unless the average person whose body is capable of pregnancy is having, on average, 4.5 abortions per year, those numbers are ridiculous.

And that flies in the face of what we know of abortion stats. Let’s say a reasonable maximum for the number of times someone can get pregnant, discover that they are pregnant, and get an abortion in a year is 6. This means all their abortions are before 8wks. Okay. Except we know that over half of all people seeking abortion have had three or fewer abortions in their entire lifetimes. It’s quite frankly not physically possible for Israelis and Canadians to be having that many abortions.

To back this up, I’ll assume the rate of abortion is about equal between the two countries. That leaves Canada, allegedly, with about 33 million abortions a year. Problem: Statistics Canada tracks the number of abortions performed every year. In 2010, Canadian hospitals and clinics reported a grand total of 64,641 abortions. For the entire country.

In fact, Canada has performed about 10% of the abortions we’re alleged to do every year over a 36 year period between 1974 and 2010, inclusive.

So let’s take that number and look at Israel. This leaves, allegedly 43.735 million abortions for Israel. Israel has 3.65 million people who are able to get pregnant. Which means that they would have to have 12 abortions per year each. Which, as I’ve established earlier, is not feasible

Plus, it’s just plain wrong. You see, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics also keeps track of how many abortions are performed per year: 19,500. Which is several orders of magnitude smaller than 43.735 million. 

So, in other words: Cultureshift’s numbers are either mistaken or made up out of whole cloth.

(And if you’re curious of my numbers: You can get all of the Canadian numbers from the Statistics Canada website, and all the Israeli numbers from their Central Bureau of Statistics. I couldn’t find stats on Israeli infertility, so I made an assumption that the Israeli infertility rate was approximately equal to the Canadian rate, which is admittedly a source of error, but the final numbers are so far off of what Cultureshift came up with that even if the Israeli rate of infertility is half the Canadian rate, it will not make a significant difference.)

Moral of the story: Don’t try to fast-talk on a website full of academics. One of us will have both the time and the curiosity to check your numbers. Peer review, internet edition.

“Don’t try to fast-talk on a website full of academics”

For an academic, you have a serious reading comprehension problem. Just before I listed the statistics, I stated, ’Here are the current numbers of human beings lost to abortion and their equivalent population centers…’ Just to make it even more clear, I have edited my post to include the words ‘population of’ after the numbers. In other words, 5,000 unborn children are killed every hour which is equivalent to the number of people living in Germantown, Ohio. In other words, the equivalent population of the entire city of Germantown, Ohio, is aborted every hour.

I know the numbers are alarming and unbelievable, but they are completely ACCURATE and are sourced from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, a former lobbying arm of Planned Parenthood.

Abortion is the greatest human tragedy that has every visited our species. The amount of human life destroyed is both astronomical and unimaginable. Every time I post these numbers, people like you claim they are fabricated, just like when I post pictures of aborted children. No one wants to believe the horror that abortion truly is. They don’t want to confront what it is they advocate for. Click here to see an actual living human being dismembered by an abortionist – all paid for by the child’s mother, or in some cases, tax payers like you and I.

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Cultureshift says the most dangerous place to live in is \'in the womb\'. Really? I thought war zones, abusive households, neighborhoods where a lot of gangs and violence take place were dangerous places to live in. So by his logic who cares if you live in a place where there is war, or with someone who is extremely abusive, or if you\'re already born. That\'s Cultureshift\'s logic, right? Fuck born people. Fetus fetus fetus. Sweet slimy fetus floating in the womb because fetus.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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