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Usually I don’t reblog stuff like this, I try to keep it light and supportive, but I can’t get over how true this is about culture shift. His page makes me want to throw up.

My statement that the most dangerous place to live is in the womb is absolutely true. More human beings have been killed while living in their mother’s womb than have been killed by every war, plague, genocide, famine, and natural disaster in recorded history – combined. Here are the current numbers of human beings lost to abortion and their equivalent population centers…

5,000 killed per HOUR – population of Germantown, Ohio

120,000 killed per DAY – population of New Haven, Connecticut

840,000 killed per WEEK – population of Jacksonville, Florida

3,650,000 killed per MONTH – population of Los Angeles, California

43,800,000 killed per YEAR – population of Canada and Israel, combined

No one ever said that the human beings losing their lives in other ways is somehow irrelevant or less of a tragedy. Until we end the devaluation of human life propagated by human abortion, it’s hard to imagine a world free of people killing one another. After all, if we teach our sons and daughters that it’s perfectly fine to kill their sons and daughters, how can we honestly expect our world to embrace a culture of life?

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Cultureshift says the most dangerous place to live in is \'in the womb\'. Really? I thought war zones, abusive households, neighborhoods where a lot of gangs and violence take place were dangerous places to live in. So by his logic who cares if you live in a place where there is war, or with someone who is extremely abusive, or if you\'re already born. That\'s Cultureshift\'s logic, right? Fuck born people. Fetus fetus fetus. Sweet slimy fetus floating in the womb because fetus.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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