Actually, no, it begins at fertilization.  Everything in the pro-choice movement is based on lies, misinformation, technicalities, and excuses.


Let’s talk about the facts that those quotes are from 1970-1998, which was 44-16 years ago. Each quote only says that conception is the beginning of a new CELL That cell DOES NOT EQUAL A PERSON OR A FETUS.

So, if it was written only 16 years ago, it’s suddenly outdated?  I didn’t realize science had a shelf-life.  I suppose I  should have gotten my definitions out of the Junior Feminist Scientific Terminology Revisited Volume 10.  I seem to have lost my copy.

You also might want to brush up on the difference between a haploid cell and a diploid zygote.

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Scientists do not consider it a pregnancy before the implantation is completed. If the egg does not complete implantation due to thinned uterus lining, then there is no abortion of pregnancy as there has not been one. A fertilized egg cannot become a healthy fetus if it has not completed implantation. Your definition of life as a fertilized egg is not scientific, but a pro-life \'opinion\'.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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