“Planned Parenthood” is misnomer. Abortion kills a child after parenthood has already begun (and Planned Parenthood commits the most abortions in the world).

If only 3% of their services are abortions, then where in hell did you get that 98% from?

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Oh look an anti-choicer spreading utter lies and misinformation yet again.

Planned Parenthood’s figures show they had 7,021 prenatal clients and 977 adoption referrals in 2009. It’s these numbers plus the 332,278 abortions they performed that year that gives you the total number of services to pregnant women, of which abortions constitute 97.6%, which rounds up to98%.

By the way, Planned Parenthood loves to say that abortion is only 3% of their services. But that number is misleading since, they “unbundle” the number of services given to each women. Out of the 10.5 million individual services they provided in 2006, 289,750 were abortions—roughly 3%. But this figure fails to account for the fact that a woman visiting Planned Parenthood for an abortion will receive several services—from a pregnancy test to some manner of counseling to the abortion itself—each of which is counted separately. A closer look at Planned Parenthood’s client and income numbers shows that the abortion figure is actually three times what they claim. Of 3.1 million Planned Parenthood clients in 2006, 9% got abortions. Moreover, abortion accounts for more than 50% of Planned Parenthood’s clinic revenue.


Please let us know your precise refutation to these “utter lies” and “misinformation.” Thanks.

Yet another example of ‘pro-choice’ ignorance called out for the world to see. There is no justification strong enough for killing innocent unborn children. Attempting to demonize those who stand in their defense will never work. Truth, science, and logic are firmly planted in the Pro-Life position. 

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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