Please tell her how much it hurt you and let her know the pain you must now bear for the remainder of your days. You may feel like hiding your pain from your mother to prevent her from feeling bad, but you must do this for two reasons:

1. If you don’t help your mother to understand that abortion not only kills a child but also wounds their mother, she may recommend abortion to someone else someday, and that someone else may be your future children.

2. It is a parent’s duty to help to bear the pain of their children, especially when they cause that pain. If she would have told you that she would support you and her grandchild, you would both be in love and playing with your toddler today. This is a loss that you should not have to bear alone.

Our parents and their parents have failed us. They brought legalized abortion to our world and they have caused multiple generations since to become morally confused and misguided about the value and dignity of human life. Now it is time for us to correct their mistake. Now is the time to reclaim our humanity.

We are the Pro-Life Generation.

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When I was 16, my mother convinced me it was best to abort, and of course I listened to her because she\'s my mother and in my eyes, she could do no wrong and I was young and naive. Now I\'m 18 and I have a giant, empty pit inside of me that could have been filled with my child, who would be one and a half by now. I do not resent my mother for convincing me. She has her views and I have mine and I understand where she was coming from. Should I tell her how much it hurt me or should I let it be?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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