Pro choicer: no uterus no opinion!
Pro lifer: *has a uterus, has an opinion and is still ignored*
Pro choicer: pro lifers have no idea how traumatic pregnancy is!
Pro lifer: *gets pregnant*
Pro lifer: *has a baby*
Pro choicer: pro lifers don’t understand mental illness and its effects!
Pro lifer: *suffers from a mental illness*
Pro choicer: pro lifers are nothing but religious nuts forcing opinions on others!
Pro lifer: *is an atheist*
Pro choicer: pro lifers have no compassion for the already born!
Pro lifer: *busts ass working and volunteering for the elderly, disabled and homeless*
Pro choicer: pro lifers know nothing about science!
Pro lifer: *is a doctor*
Pro lifer: *is a midwife*
Pro lifer: *is an OBGYN*
Pro choicer: pro lifers are all anti sex pro abstinence nuns with no lives!!
Pro lifer: *is sex and birth control positive*
Pro choicer: pro lifers are anti woman! Pro lifers are anti women’s rights!
Pro lifer: *is a woman*
Pro lifer: *is attracted to women*
Pro lifer: *is a feminist*

Posted by cultureshift

A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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