I’m not even going to water down this response, sorry guys.

Wishing death upon your now born child because you regret them being given to someone else is ont of the most disgusting thing I’ve heard from a mother. Depression or no depression. I think it’s selfish and shameful that you would even think that.

You are the first person ever to tell me you genuinely regret giving your child life (I don’t count adults screaming at their kids during a flamey argument as a genuine death wish) now I guess I have seen who the pro choicers are talking about when they say there are people who regret having children.

However by the sounds of things, the best thing was when you had your child and kept her. Maybe if you’d done that each time…

I’m sure the other mods may have had something more constructive to say but this ask makes me feel revolted. Truly. – Gabbie

“I don’t regret my abortion, but I regret adopting my son out instead of just [aborting him]…abortion would have been a better choice…for me”

This disgusting human being actually regrets that she failed to kill her son because knowing that he is alive and happy with someone else makes her feel bad!! What have we become??? WHAT THE FUCK HAVE WE BECOME????

This person perfectly represents what the legalized slaughter of our unborn children has done to our humanity. Imagine if abortion is ever destigmatized and nomalized. It would be a sickness our society may never be able to recover from.

If this mother’s sentiment toward the child she killed and the child she failed to kill revolts you, then it’s time for you to finally stand up and fight back against the depraved act of human abortion. It’s time to reclaim our humanity.

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So I had an abortion at 16. I felt like crap after but I was okay mentally. At 21 I gave up my second baby for adoption and spiraled into depression and was hospitalized. Abortion would have been a better choice, honestly. When I got to a better place mentally I got pregnant again and now, at 26, my daughter is cooing in her crib. I don\'t regret my abortion, but I regret adopting my son out instead if just getting the abortion. But, adoption is \'so much better\' as you say.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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