It was at my first day at the teaching hospital, I was given a little clipboard with a list, make sure you do this, this and this… So I was following the clipboard and I’d go in and I’d make sure everything was set up for surgery. And I’d go into another room and make sure everything was set up for delivery. And then I went into what was called ‘the dirty utility room’ to make sure it was cleaned up from the shift before. And I heard a sound that’s imprinted on my heart, and it was just like a little purring sound, and I turned the light on and there on this dirty utility counter was a child just laying there. And I went out to get help, there were doctors and nurses, they were sitting around with coffee. And I told them that I had found a baby laying on the dirty utility counter. And the doctor said, “It’s an abortion, just let it go, it’s an abortion…” and the, realizing that nobody would help me, I went back and picked up the baby and said I baptize you, ‘John’. …and then before he died I had the opportunity to hold him. And I told him that I would let everyone know what he went through and what I saw that day in the dirty utility room.

Maryann Lawhon, Intern

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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