I’m a middle aged, married, employed, Canadian mother of 2. I had an abortion for a lot of reasons- but one of them is that a pregnancy and another baby would severely impair my ability to care for and provide for my children. Just because I look like I could handle a 3rd child, doesn’t mean that I could. I might look weak that I couldn’t handle another babe, but I was strong enough to make a difficult, thoughtful decision that was best for my family. I don’t regret my abortion, it gave me the ability to be the good mother I know I am.

“…another baby would severely impair my ability to care for and provide for my children.”

First, we need to establish the FACT that the child you killed was one of your children that you were caring for, but then withdrew that care through abandonment, resulting in their death.

Second, have you ever heard of ADOPTION? If you were so concerned about having to ‘sacrifice’ for your child, why didn’t you simply place them for adoption?

Let me be crystal clear: you are not ‘strong’ and your decision was not ‘thoughtful’. You said the decision to slaughter your third child was difficult. Why was it so difficult if they were not really a human being? We both know why it was difficult, don’t we? We know it was difficult because we know that you literally killed your living son or daughter. Killing your child while cradling them in your womb is absolutely no different than killing that same child while cradling them in your arms. No matter how hard you try to believe the lie, you know deep down that what I am telling you is the truth. We all do.

Know this without doubt – you are not a good mother. Any mother who would intentionally kill her living child, whether preborn or post-born, has neglected her first duty as a mother – to protect and nurture her children. You failed to do this for the child you removed from your womb. A child who’s heart was beating and who was counting on you for their very life. And you snatched that life away.

If you want to honor the child you destroyed and begin to embrace the truth of what you have done, you must fight for the lives of children like yours who are currently facing the slaughter of human abortion. Turn your back on the lies that led you to kill a member of your own family. Embrace the beauty of Life by protecting the most vulnerable and defenseless members of our human family.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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