Sometimes I wonder if I’m really on the right side of the reproductive rights argument.  Just for half a second, because enough people are against it, I can’t help but wonder if the loudest voices are the right ones.

And then I remember that there’s a reason why antichoice people like Cultureshift are shadow-banned and even the most fervent prochoice bloggers are not.

Let me enlighten you to a sad truth about Tumblr and most other national media outlets – they are biased. Because you are clearly in favor of killing unborn children, this may be news to you. There are several reasons why I am shadow banned and ‘pro-choice’ bloggers are not:

1. I spread the inconvenient truth about the reality of human abortion, a reality many are desperate to keep hidden away.

2. I confront mothers who post the sick and gruesome details of how they poisoned or slaughtered their children while living in their wombs. Tumblr will allow them to post these details without any qualms, but the second I respond to them on behalf of the child they killed, I get shadow banned. And l can assure you I never harass anyone, I simply respond to posts that are tagged for the world to see. After all, that is what Tumblr is all about – public discourse.

3. I routinely expose Planned Parenthood, who runs a blog here on Tumblr, and who has a vested business interest in keeping images of their work off of their tag.

4. The vast majority of the Tumblr demographic is in favor of killing the unborn and have the power of numbers to generate coordinated ‘abuse’ and ‘spam’ reports to the Tumblr staff, giving the impression that random users are reporting me.

5. The people who created and continue to operate Tumblr are extremely liberal and therefore very likely in favor of human abortion. In other words, they are not sympathetic to my cause.

6. Unlike the immature people who run ‘pro-choice’ blogs here on Tumblr, I understand the importance of free speech. I have never reported anyone to the Tumblr staff, and I assure you it’s not because I am loved and admired by all. In fact, I have never blocked anyone either. Only open and honest discourse will move us forward. Surrounding ourselves with those who think like us while simultaneously stifling the speech of those who disagree with us is a dangerous way to convince ourselves that we are right.

Tumblr has taken down several of my posts that showed the reality of what abortion does to an unborn child. To test my theory about their bias, I searched for images of victims from the Holocaust. These images were gory and showed human mutilation. I sent in over 40 abuse emails and never received one response. But when I show an image of a victim of human abortion and a ‘pro-choice’ blogger reports it, Tumblr is quick to remove it. I have found some of the most vile images imaginable on Tumblr, but post one picture of abortion and they are quick to sweep it away, especially if it’s tagged with ‘Planned Parenthood’. These are typically gone within 24 hours.

But none of this really matters when it comes to deciding whether or not you will support the destruction of a certain class of human beings at the hands of a more powerful class of human beings. What matters is your own morality – your sense of what is right and what is wrong. Do you believe that some human beings are more valuable than other human beings? Do you believe that some should die so that others may live as they please? If these are your beliefs, then you will struggle with logic and reason for the rest of your days. And you will eventually find yourself on the wrong side of history.

Stand against the cruelty and depravity of human abortion. Help me to reclaim our humanity and build a world we can all be proud to live in. A world based on a common love for one another where we all share equal value as human beings, no matter our stage of development.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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