‘Pro-Choice’ Ignorance Exposed

This vile person PERFECTLY represents the typical ‘pro-choice’ activist. Her utter ignorance of what a prenatal child looks like after 12 weeks of gestation and her pathetic denial of their humanity is spot-on abortion liberalism.

Fetus 12 Weeks

This is what a human being looks like after 12 weeks of gestation. Notice her perfectly formed hands.

Watch as she calls the pro-life activist a racist when there was absolutely NOTHING AT ALL about this encounter related to the race of any human being. Classic liberal non-argument. Also notice her attack on the male activist calling him a white privileged misogynist.

Everyone knows that killing children while awaiting their birth is just as wrong as killing them as newborns. Those in favor of killing these children must live in a state of constant denial and self delusion. This is why they get so angry when they are confronted with the reality of human abortion. I have personally been subjected to reactions like hers countless times.

If you are going to support the slaughter of little prenatal boys and girls, at least know what you are talking about. At least be intellectually honest and embrace their humanity before you fight for their destruction.

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