Human life begins at the moment of fertilization. http://ift.tt/1xeARBj

Some days you don’t even need to make fun of them, they do it all themselves. – Rachel

The pictures above demonstrate, yet again, the ignorance that permeates the ‘pro-choice’ community. Let me explain…

The yarn, essay, canvas, and cake ingredients represent the equivalent of a sperm and egg yet to be united. In other words, they represent a man and a woman BEFORE they have sex and BEFORE the sperm and egg unite, CREATING a new and unique LIVING HUMAN BEING.

I’m going to be generous and assume the chicken egg is fertilized and that it is male. If so, YES, there is a rooster LIVING inside that egg. If the egg was unfertilized, then it would fall into the same category as the other items listed.

The acorn IS fertilized and IS AN OAK. If you carefully peel back the seed casing, you will find an embryonic oak tree inside, just like this…

If you peer inside the womb of a pregnant mother, you will discover something very similar to the oak above…

And if you cracked open the egg, you would find a tiny rooster living inside.

The misinformation spread by ignorant pro-abortion activists like misandry-mermaid demonstrates why we continue to slaughter our unborn children. I assure you that you were the EXACT same human being while unborn that you are today. Everything about you – your eye color, hair color, voice, personality, skin tone, and thousands of other traits were decided at the instant of your fertilization. The human being shown in the original image above already had all of their traits locked in. Just like you did when you looked like them.

Some days you don’t even need to make fun of them, they do it all themselves. – Cultureshift

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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