A little over a year ago, shortly after I converted to the pro-life position from being rabidly pro-choice, I started to come across pro-life writing in which abortion was compared to the Holocaust. I balked at such comparisons. The rhetorical strategy of comparing whoever you dislike to Hitler and any kind of oppression you disagree with to the Holocaust is as weak as it is offensive, and I didn’t like to see pro-lifers stooping to that level.

…What I came to see, though, was that for all the many differences, there is one thing that is the same about the Holocaust and the modern practice of abortion, and it is something critical:

At the root of both scourges is a particular strain of evil, the most virulent that the devil possesses. It is the kind of evil that works to take away the humanity of human beings. It whispers in the ears of one group of people that a certain other group of people are something less than human, less worthy of life because of race or religion or physical ability or age. And once this is accomplished, once a group of people have been thoroughly dehumanized in the mind of their society, evil can run wild while the populace yawns.

From personal experience, I came to see why it is so very important to always be on the lookout for this most insidious, malignant type of evil that spawned both the Holocaust and the modern abortion movement: because it is the kind that allows normal people like you and me to look at the corpses of our fellow human beings*, to know that they’re piling up around us, and shrug.

Jennifer Fulwiler, former atheist and pro-choice advocate

Few compare the suffering experienced by the victims of the Holocaust to the victims of abortion, we are comparing the ideology that drives mass human slaughter. This ideology centers on the belief that some humans are not persons deserving of the Right to Life.

Just like the Nazis believed certain classes of humans weren’t people and could therefore be slaughtered at will, so follows the beliefs of the ‘pro-choice’ movement. They agree that we are human while awaiting our births, but that we are not people and can therefore be killed on demand and without apology. The same idea the Nazis once had about the Jews.

Stand against the depravity of human abortion. Stand in defense of the weak against the strong.

Stand for Life.

Abortion and Holocaust comparisons

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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