After doing a lot of research last night, I have decided to stop actively fighting for abortion to be illegal. This is for a few reasons. First, it just isn’t plausible in today’s society. As a Christian, I believe in a world where people put others before themselves. I do this in my everyday life. However, people don’t act like this anymore and I will accept that whole continuing to spread God’s love through my actions. Also, abortion becoming illegal would cause a number of issues. People could be put on trial for miscarriages and stillbirths. Also, abortion would still happen for those truly misguided and if I can’t save both lives, I want to save one. If and when the day comes where abortion is illegal, I hope these problems never arise and I will be really happy. However, I choose not to fight for it because I think my time and efforts could be better spent in ways that would lower the numbers of unintended pregnancies. So I suppose right now I am personally pro life but politically pro choice. I still would never ever obtain an abortion nor support it. But I don’t speak for everyone, I speak for me. On this blog, I will continue to combat pro-choice myths and such. I hope you all understand and support my decision. Thank you!

You have not only given up on your own convictions, you have given up on those scheduled to die tomorrow. You must not only fight to make abortion illegal, you must also fight to shift our culture to one that will someday see abortion as unthinkable. You see, that is the only way to find our way. We are morally lost as a species and by giving up on your own human family you are contributing to the problem. Would you have given up on the Jews and other non-Aryan races if the Nazis had won the war? What would your god think of you then? What must he think of you now?


Claiming to be ‘personally’ pro-life is to turn your back on those other than your own. Claiming to be ‘politically’ pro-choice is to accept the killing of others by supporting politicians and laws designed to keep the killing on track and legal. But worst of all, claiming to be ‘personally’ pro-life is to be nothing at all. It means you are a fence-sitter, standing on the sidelines while millions are dying all around you. You are giving hope to those who want abortion to forever remain legal.

The poisoning and slaughter of our unborn children must be outlawed for the same reasons slavery had to be outlawed. Many people raised the same type of concerns about abolishing slavery as you are making about abolishing abortion. They believed it would be bad for the slaves and impossible to enforce the law. They said it would overwhelm the legal system and simply be too hard to do. They were wrong and all of the difficulty and challenges associated with renewing the promise of a country who proclaimed that all men are created equal was worth the sacrifice. The same promise must now be renewed for those human beings awaiting their births.

Please don’t abandon those who desperately need your voice to provide them with the same protections under the law that you currently enjoy. Please don’t abandon hope for a better future founded on a common love for one another. Please continue to stand for life, even if it’s not growing within your own womb.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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