I wanted to mark the first anniversary of Cultureshift with a picture of my daughter’s first birthday, a little girl that was fully protected by her pro-life parents through every stage of her development. Unfortunately, not all children are lucky enough to have pro-life parents while unborn and are brutally killed while cradled in their mother’s womb.

I started this blog after seeing the inhumanity displayed by Wendy Davis, a Texas State Senator who filibustered a law designed to protect unborn children from the slaughter of abortion beginning with their fifth month of development. She fought these protections, seeking the destruction of these children through all nine months of their prenatal lives. She was my awakening.

Over the past year, I have created or reblogged almost 4,000 unique posts, including several hundred answers to a wide spectrum of questions, and have received well over one million pageviews from 216 different countries around the world. Along the way I have made thousands of determined enemies, have received countless death threats, and have been exposed to some of the most vile of minds and the darkest of hearts. But this journey has been well worth the heartache. There are at least three human beings walking this Earth today because of my efforts. I am certain there are many more. Their lives and their futures are my reward. The lives and the futures of those scheduled to die tomorrow are my motivation.

But beyond the individual lives saved, there is something even greater at stake: our collective humanity. If we continue to teach our children that they can place their own desires and wants above the very lives of their own sons and daughters, we will never progress toward a society free of other assaults to our humanity like rape, murder, warfare, child abuse, and torture. A culture based on a common love for one another – based on the value, equality, and dignity of every innocent human life – can never be realized if we continue to destroy our children while they await their births.

We are so close to acknowledging the inherent equality of every human life. We now must struggle to complete this last grueling mile to recognize the fact that our lives began at the moment of our conception and that our lives have always held the same value from that moment to this moment.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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