If your aim for this message was to hurt me -congratulations it did. 

You are spitting in the face of every woman who’s wanted a child but can’t have one. You are mocking the killing of your own daughter/son. And you shame women into silence who do feel pain and regret after their abortion. 


Her “About Me“ says all we need to know.

"My name is Emily. I’m nineteen years old….I live with my mama, my daddy, and two rescued Jack Russell terriers named George and Ella…”

I am very passionate about animal rights, veganism, feminism, human rights, social justice, environmentalism, freedom, and peace. I’m a commune-anarchist.”

"I call my spiritual beliefs “naturalist atheism.” Naturalism, to me, is bettering yourself as a person by being in tune with your connection with the Earth and other living things.  All organisms are equal- from dandelions to humans. Nature does not favor any species over another

Anybody smell hypocrisy here? This is really just a braggadocios little girl who needs to grow up. 

(Emphasis mine)

Typical ‘pro-choice’ hypocrisy: stand for life – until it gets in your way.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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