If you adopt or foster from the state (NOT a private agency) there’s actually very little cost and, of course, it depends on what state you live in. New York has no cost. Colorado has a $50 per person finger printing fee per person. So it depends. If you don’t care about age/want an older kid, the state system is the way to go. If you want a baby, private (expensive) adoption is your best bet.

The costs of adoption vary depending on the type of process and allowable state and federal expenses. Costs may include legal or agency fees, the baby and birth mother’s medical costs, the birth family’s living expenses, travel expenses, advertising and networking fees, federal application fees, homestudy and post adoption report fees. Some families choose a process or to remain close to home to reduce travel costs. You should always get a detailed written explanation of the costs of a particular adoption before you agree to proceed. Rough estimates of what you may spend:  international—$20,000-45,000, domestic—$10,000-30,000; adoption through foster care—$0-5,000. You can offset the costs of adoption by taking advantage of state and federal tax credits, adoption subsidies and reimbursements for children with special needs, adoption loans and grants; employer benefits and military benefits.

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