I am an atheist and therefore cannot offer you prayer. But many of my followers are religious and I am certain that they will honor your request. Although many believe praying has an impact on our daily lives, may I respectfully request that you offer your friend a few resources that may also help her to work through her self doubt…

Managing the Regret of Giving Up a Child

The Impact of Adoption on Birthparents


One Woman’s Truth: Placing Her Baby for Adoption

The Effects Adoption Has on Birth Mothers

Emotional Issues for Birth Mothers

Also, please share these videos with her…

I Like Adoption

Sacrifice of a Birthmother

Also, remind her that her child becomes an adult at 18 years of age when they can reach out to one another. Some of the resources listed above provide links to registries for this very purpose.

I am not sure if your friend considered abortion. If she did, help her to realize how crushing the guilt would have been if she had killed her little boy or girl. She is a hero and someone we can all look up to. If she did not have the resources or support to provide for her child, then she absolutely did the right thing by providing her child a loving family capable of meeting her son’s or daughter’s needs.

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I have a prayer request. A really good friend of mine got pregnant while she was in high school a few years ago and put her baby up for adoption. To this day she feels guilty for giving up her baby, and is even suicidal about it. She thinks she is a terrible person. She doesn\'t realize her strength for choosing life, and how happy she made the couple who adopted her child. I want her to finally realize that she did a beautiful, brave thing

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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