I look back and cannot believe how utterly blind I was. Bodily autonomy, it’s not alive, they don’t feel pain, it’s a parasite, the mother is too young, poor, in college, depressed, doesn’t want a baby, etc, etc. These are mere justifications for allowing innocent, living human beings to die before they could even take their first breath. What has this world become? What have WE become? And let me tell you, I’ve seen scared, pregnant mothers facing every obstacle you could think of and still have the courage to give life to their child.

One of my closest friends from high school told me over the phone that she had an abortion about a month ago. I didn’t know what to say, I sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity, and then I heard her begin to cry…uncontrably. It instantly broke my heart and I also began to cry. I told her that it was going to be okay, if there was anything I could do for her, and I would be here to listen if she needed to talk.

We talked for hours, she told me that she regrets her decision, her boyfriend of 5 months coerced her into getting the abortion, and she told me she hasn’t stopped crying since it happened. Her boyfriend broke up with her soon after she got the abortion and hasn’t talked to her since.

I am livid. Not at her. I am angry that the abortion industry took advantage, yet again, of a scared, vulnerable women facing a crisis, I am angry at myself for not being there for her or noticing that she was facing an unplanned pregnancy, and I am angry at the guy who made her feel like she was not strong enough to be a mother.

The thing is, this is not some rare occurrence…this happens quite frequently. I see it all the time. More times than I wish to see. And it absolutely breaks my heart! This girl is not a stranger though, she is someone I love and care about. I’ve known her for years and to see her in pain makes me want to fight even harder for the unborn. I am fighting for girls just like my friend, I am fighting for their babies, I am fighting for human rights at ALL stages.

This is why we must fight to end the saddest act of inhumanity plaguing our world today – human abortion,

We can do this, I just know it. Join the fight today – our unborn children desperately need YOU.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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