Family of Boy Born Without Eyes Rejects Abortion, Overcomes Pro-Abortion Hate

The saddest aspect of the ‘pro-choice’ worldview is that those who are not ‘normal’ – those facing mental or physical challenges – should be killed while awaiting their birth. This kind of thinking has led to the greatest atrocities human kind has ever known. And yet many people continue to embrace this depraved ideology.

Currently, nine out of ten children diagnosed with Down syndrome are slaughtered in the womb. Everyday, more and more prenatal tests are developed to check for ‘perfection’. The latest tests promise to identify autism. To be clear, these tests are not being marketed as a means to cure the children facing these challenges, they are being marketed to give their mothers the opportunity to kill them while it’s still legal to do so.

Who we are, our personality, our conscience, our ability to know the difference between right and wrong, exists within our minds. Our brains encompass every single thing about us that truly matters. It is where love, compassion, and true beauty reside. It’s also where hate and cruelty live. Will you look at this sweet child and wonder why his mother and father failed to kill him while they had the chance or will you look at him and see a fellow human being who’s life is just as valuable as yours and mine?

How we treat the least of us defines us.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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