Abortion shows us that we are racist to our core. Black babies and Hispanic babies are killed at two to three times the rate of white babies.

Abortion shows us that we hate those with disabilities. When discovered in the womb, more babies with certain disabilities are killed than born.

Abortion shows us that we target the weak and underprivileged. The abortion industry has carefully located its services in the neighborhoods where young minority women and poor women are most likely to live.

Abortion shows us how deceptive we are in our communications. Is a legislature considering a post-20-week ban on abortion? Then use opinion pieces of popular media to talk about the “need” for late-term abortion because, after all, disabled children aren’t discovered until after 20 weeks. Follow this up with stories about a child with multiple disabilities and portray that family’s lot as something to be avoided.

Abortion shows us we are greedy. There is money to be made in pandering to our prejudices. Whole new businesses have been created with the purpose of discovering children with certain genetic traits for the purpose of eliminating those children.

Abortion shows us that our most educated citizens can actually become enemies to our true welfare. Philosophers and ethicists in our best universities are debating what people actually merit the identity of person. Apparently babies (not just those with disabilities) and people with certain cognitive disabilities of any age are found to be lacking. Infanticide and assisted suicide of children is being openly discussed as a responsible option by the very people tasked with protecting children.

Abortion shows us just how twisted the justice system can become. The courts protect the abortion industry. Human judges — who are to serve as a model of God’s justice and protection of the weak — practice a murderous caricature of justice and become the enemy of the weak.

To show how clearly the courts and our own prejudices are working together, in December a jury awarded a family $50 million dollars because a lab didn’t identify a genetic anomaly in their unborn son. Pause over that one: a jury awarded the parents of a living child $50 million because the parents didn’t have the information they needed to kill their son. Since they would have aborted their son if they had known about his genetic makeup, somebody needed to pay for that “mistake” of his being born. You can imagine health care administrators across the United States were forwarding memos about this case to doctors and nurses in their clinics and hospitals. We do not need to wonder why doctors emphasize terminating babies with disabilities.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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