It angered me to see self proclaimed pro-choice people telling a girl who started a donating campaign so she can keep her baby, that she should abort him/her and deserves no help. Aren’t you pro-choice? Isn’t it keeping it a choice for you? A mere choice among many? Why couldn’t she ask for…

It was her choice to keep her baby, it was her choice to be pro life. Clearly the prochoice movement isn’t about supporting women’s “choice” because the moment she chooses life for her baby, she was attacked for not aborting. She should have received support from everyone. I’m really disappointed to see Kira go, but honestly its just further proof that the prochoice movement isn’t about anyone’s choice, its about abortion.

She is a young girl who reached out for help and instead was bullied. Yes, she may have been pro life, and shared different beliefs then you, but that was no reason to harass and bully her to the point she didn’t feel safe on the internet. That doesn’t sound like women’s health to me, that sounds like vicious attack on a young scared woman.

Kira, I would have helped you get a good start for your baby regardless if you were prolife or prochoice. What was important is I am pro life. I’m sorry you were abused and bullied because you expressed views that are not widely accepted.

Thank you for bringing a beautiful baby boy into this world. The world was not the same without him.

Yes, I was exactly referring to Kira, and I could not agree more with your message to be honest.

I have to admit that I know people who believe in this concept of choice that I do not agree with when it comes to this matter, but would have never done something like this

Honestly, I do know people who are “prochoice” that do not bully or abuse women that choose life, or are prolifers. Really we should blame the abortion mindset of society. It is clearly more acceptable for a teen girl to end the life of a human being in her womb than for a teen girl to continue the life of that human being.

I too suffered harassment from each and every single physician during every single one of my four pregnancies to abort. I was harassed not only when I was a teen, but even as a married woman who planned the pregnancy. Clearly abortion is more acceptable then allowing another to live.

I’ll say it bluntly, it is more acceptable to kill a human being in the womb, them it is to allow it to continue living. There’s a serious problem with that, and the problem is people who believe the life of another has no value, that the life of another human being is disposable for any reason. The problem is we believe we have the right to determine which human beings are of no value.

The right to be killed is favored more then the right to let live.

What have we become?

See this ask to learn more.

Kira is a sixteen year old girl who stood by her principles and is carrying her son to term. She asked for the help of her human family and some answered her call while others attacked her for having the audacity to ask for help. What a sad world the ideology of abortion has created. Kira presented a threat to the pro-choice agenda, so they drove her off of Tumblr, a place where she found people willing to help her get off to a great start with her baby boy.

I still have contact with Kira and will continue to help her as she needs it. If you truly believe in ‘choice’, then you should have rallied behind her to demonstrate your convictions. But instead, the ‘pro-choice’ community showed their true colors. What they are – what we have always known them to be – is pro-abortion. They really only support one choice: the choice to kill innocent unborn children.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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