Everyone has their reasons. Everyone has their stories.

I will never shame someone for however many abortions they have or have not had. It’s just not what I’m here to do.

The only thing I WILL do is say that you definitely need to figure out a stable form of birth control. I myself am a huge Depo fan (I am a terrible pill taker). IUD’s are also a wonderful option, though they are getting harder and harder to get.

Please let me know if you need any support following this latest one. Myself and the several wonderful pro-choice blogs on Tumblr are all here for you.

This is what we have become. This mother of seven dead children, children who died by her own hand, is seeking – and RECEIVING – sympathy and support from the most rabid pro-abortion activist here on Tumblr. By any definition, this woman is a serial killer and culture-of-choice is consoling her on her latest child’s death – a child she intentionally had butchered.

Congratulations culture-of-choice for supporting this pathetic human being. Is this really the culture you are fighting for? Is this really the world you want our children to inherit?

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It\'s me again (the one getting her 7th abortion). Thanks for your reply. I\'ll explain further – I had 2 abortions in high school, one because I was raped by my uncle (who is serving a life sentence), the second one I had done because the father was abusive. I had 3 in college due to very reckless behavior and being very permiscuous. The 6th abortion happened because my birth control failed. And tomorrow will be my 7th. Thanks for your concern, it\'s nice to hear.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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