Guys, according to a certain Pro Choicer here, a fetus is not a human at all until 24 weeks. Because of the following reasons-

-It can’t speak or hear or see (Sorry Mute, Deaf, and Blind Humans, you aren’t actually human)

-It can’t feel pain (If you’re paralyzed and can’t feel pain, or carry a debilitating virus that is wrecking your nervous system, you’re out too.)

-A fetus is overall “USELESS” There is so much I could say about that last one, but anyone with common sense could figure it out.

It’s hard to see people so hopelessly ignorant with the ability to vote. *shudders*

Beyond all that, Prematurely born babies have lived after being born at 23 weeks. Did they just suddenly become humans at birth?

Abortion kills an innocent living human being. This is an undeniable scientific fact. History will not be kind to those who fight to continue this cruel act of human depravity.

Stand for Life.

Posted by cultureshift

A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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