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I have decided instead of deleting that I will make my blog more a pro life blog then a personal blog so that way if people try to attack me for my views they wont bring my personal life or son into it. Thank you so much for encouraging me to stand up for whats right.


I’m so proud of you for not only choosing life and protecting your son, but for fighting for the lives of other prenatal children just like him. Babies were meant to be cradled in their mother’s wombs, not exposed to the razor sharp instruments of an abortionist. Their bodies should remain whole and intact, not cut into pieces so they can be pulled through their mother’s cervix with a curette. Abortion is the ultimate form of child abuse and with your help, we are going to end its horrific practice in our lifetime.

This is one of several comments I found in your defense…

Maybe she reminds them how weak they are. It must be hard killing their own babies, but they justify it with various excuses. Then here comes a 16 year old possessing a strength they never had. She brings back all their regrets, and they hate her for it.

Truer words have never been spoken. Your strength is a threat to their sad worldview. A worldview that tells women that they are too weak to have a child and also make something of themselves. They believe young mothers like yourself are foolish for not killing their babies. They believe that people like your son have no right to live, that they should be destroyed ‘on demand and without apology’ if their mothers so desire. This must change. Children like your son are real living human beings and deserve equal protection under the law.

Someday soon, abortion will collapse under the weight of the truth. And you are going to be a part of making this happen. You are my hero and a shining example to millions of young teenage mothers struggling with thoughts of slaughtering or poisoning their prenatal sons and daughters. If you can choose life, so can they.

If you are interested in helping Kira and her son get off to the best start possible, visit her baby registry and help impact your world.

EDIT: Due to further bullying, Kira once again deleted her blog. I was helping her and her son get off to a great start in life, but the ‘pro-choice’ advocates couldn’t stand that this young girl chose life and were relentless in their effort to destroy her. This is what I am fighting against. An ideology of selfishness and hate. An ideology that would rather see a child slaughtered than see a child loved.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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