Seriously, does anyone have a Place I can stay outside of the UK?
Seriously, so as some of you know our elections are taking place for the member of the eu parliament, and currently a group called UKIP, now next year we have our general elections, which means the party with the most seats in government will be in power, meaning our prime minister is Nigel farrage
Right, let me tell you a little bit about UKIPs ideologies.
They want to remove every single immigrant from the country.
They want the abortion of babies with Down syndrome to be mandatory.
They want sexual harassment and abuse to be ok.
(Which means they want rape legal)
They want to privatise the Nhs, our best form of healthcare, meaning we will be in the same position as the US was for insurance (before obamacare.
They want to take steps backwards in marriage equality, which we have only just legalised here.

And the worst part of it is, the majority of people here are voting for them and support them. Which terrifies me.
I seriously need out of this country, the UKIP are literally SCUM.
And I wanna get out of this country as soon as possible if they get elected.

I have literally lost faith in humanity.

I am not attuned to British politics, but I do want to highlight one very chilling idea…

“They want the abortion of babies with Down syndrome to be mandatory.”

This may sound unimaginable to some, but I can assure you this idea will someday take root if we don’t end the human atrocity of abortion. The idea that the state should not be responsible for less than perfect children under public healthcare mandates is exactly how the Holocaust started.


Nazi poster: “60,000 Reischmark is what this ill person costs this community of (German) people during a lifetime. Patriot / brother, this is also your money.“

Every human being is EQUAL and every human being deserves the Right to Life, born or unborn.

Stand for Life. All of it.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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