Before I respond to this message in depth, I’d like to make it clear that my goal is not to gossip about peoples’ private lives; I am only concerned about the identities and hobbies of other tumblr users when they are using their own private lives as devices to bully, harass, and emotionally abuse innocent people. I do not intend to comment on anything relating to “Kira Plus One” as this is the first I have heard of that particular blog and I do not want to deliberately spread misinformation if I can avoid it. So, take everything in the above message written about that user with a grain of salt.

That said, you make an excellent case to suggest that Cultureshift sends himself messages and selectively answers all real submissions. I think everyone is aware that he does at least a bit of that, but you are right that the way he always references old posts is pretty suspicious.

What Cultureshift does not realize is that by employing such shady tactics, he is not only engaging in the disgusting use of propaganda that he supposedly deplores from the pro-choice side, but he is also making a terrific case for the pro-choice argument. The fact that he has to blatantly filter his mail and be his own best buddy in order to create the illusion that he has support and that his opinions are without holes sends a message to the rest of the online community that the pro-life argument cannot be completely defended on an honest, level playing field.

As far as I can remember, I have never left a message to this blog unanswered (though I do often take a while to respond, and I apologize for that again). Most other pro-choice blogs that I know of publish almost everything that comes through their inbox except blatant hate (whereas Cultureshift mainly publishes hate in order to make people who disagree with him seem less articulate and civilized). Pro-choice blogs can do that because the wonderful people who run them know that they are in the right, and there is not a single question that they cannot at least attempt to answer logically, civilly, and intelligently. Obviously, the same cannot be said for pro-life blogs, and Cultureshift knows this.

This is why a culture of choice is the only way to go. Why hide behind propaganda and lies when it is much easier to embrace the truth?

Um hi this is kira-plus-one’s new blog, I remade for personal reasons, I am in no way related to cultureshift, and I am a teen mom, I need baby shit I wouldn’t go sell it, I wouldn’t trick someone into buying me a crib to go to a show? My son needs a damn place to sleep, and I will post pictures of him using everything he received. cultureshift your my dad now?

Kira – I would be proud to parent someone like you who is willing to sacrifice for their own children and not kill them, even when faced with the challenging position you now find yourself in. You are simultaneously an inspiration to those who value the lives of ALL children, born or not, and a threat to those who believe some children are worth destroying.

And to the misinformed person behind ‘a-better-cultureshift’ – I have never sent myself an ask. In fact, Tumblr has disabled my ability to send asks, even to myself, thanks to the coordinated efforts of people like you who are desperate to hide the truth about human abortion. I currently have over 7,000 unanswered asks and receive about 100 asks a week. I rarely encounter an ask I haven’t already answered. I invite you to read through my top asks where you will clearly discover that I have answered the toughest questions imaginable about abortion. And referencing back to previous posts and asks is not that difficult when you use your archive. In fact, you regularly reference back to previous posts and asks, such as with this post and this ask. Your hypocrisy is astonishing.

It is my goal to change the way people think about themselves and others. It is my goal to usher in a world where our love for one another and our value for human life is so strong that the idea of killing each other would be unimaginable, including those awaiting their births. To make this vision a reality, feathers will be ruffled and feelings will be hurt, including mine. But in the end, the joy of passing on a world free of human beings killing each other out of selfishness will be worth every minute I have devoted to fighting for the Right to Life for ALL innocent human beings.

Stand for Life.

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i am pretty sure cultureshift sends himself asks to make himself look compassionate and smart. notice how he always knows which ask references exactly which post even if the person doesn\'t reference it directly? also i am pretty sure that kira plus one is his daughter pretending to be a preggo mum to win over sympathy. but i saw a anti choice blog get an ask saying that kira is just trying to get stuff to sell online so she can go to a show. i don\'t even know what to think.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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