One must live in a world awash in hypocrisy and twisted logic to be pro-choice. These are some of their beliefs…

  • Bodily autonomy trumps Right to Life up to viability.
  • Right to Life trumps bodily autonomy after viability.
  • Bodily autonomy trumps Right to Life for the unborn.
  • Suicide prevention trumps bodily autonomy for born life.
  • One-second old newborn is a person.
  • Fetus one-second away from birth is not a person.
  • Pregnant mothers should not drink or smoke.
  • Pregnant mothers should be able to kill their unborn children.
  • Oppose discrimination against the mentally or physically disabled.
  • Support the killing of mentally or physically disabled unborn children.
  • Oppose the death penalty for rapists.
  • Support the death penalty for children fathered by rapists.

These are but a few of their hypocrisies. They accept this warped worldview because killing an innocent unborn child offers an escape hatch for avoiding responsibility.

The Pro-Life view is based on pure logic: human life begins – we began – at the moment of conception and we should be protected until our natural death. Simple. Logical. Moral.

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What I don\'t understand about tumblr is that its so anti-suicide but mostly pro-choice. I could argue that the problems I face in my life or believe that I am going to face in my life justify me killing myself and I would get many people telling me not to do it, that even if things look bad now my life has value, despite suicide being MY choice with MY body. If a pregnant woman wants to kill her baby those factors suddenly become viable for death even though the baby has potential too.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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