Welcome back to the fight, our unborn children have missed you.

If you ever become overwhelmed or feel defeated again, close your eyes and imagine yourself inside your mother’s womb. Then imagine an abortionist inserting laminaria rods into her cervix in preparation to push stainless steel forceps into her womb, searching for your limbs. Now imagine him clamping down on your leg, pulling and twisting until he rips it from your living torso. Now imagine him doing this over and over until your body lies in a pile of human rubble on a cold metal table.

Now imagine this happening 5,000 times each and every hour on our little blue planet. After you have run this reality through your mind, go look into a mirror and ask yourself, ‘what have I done today to prevent others from stumbling to the slaughter?’.

Thank you for once again picking up the torch and joining the fight to reclaim our humanity.

Please see this post for Pro-Life resources.

Stand for Life!

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Hey there, among the hate and ignorance, I would like to let you know you\'ve inspired me to jump into the fight once again. I had been so defeated the past few months, but since coming back on here and seeing the fire you have on this issue has brought some life back into me. Im ready to fight again. Also, do you know of any organizations that are active in the prolife community like volunteer wise? (Not like extremist stuff but you know what I mean Im sure) xoxo

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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