Adoption is a beautiful option.

They could get help.

How to jump off a cliff like a pro.

Why don’t you actually answer the question?

What if a pregnant person cannot afford the expense of pregnancy?

The Option Line isn’t going to direct you to some magical source that is going to cover that cost, is it?

“A typical delivery can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000, and that doesn’t include prenatal care or complications such as an emergency C-section. Not to mention that insurers in most states can still deny coverage to uninsured moms-to-be by considering pregnancy a preexisting medical condition.”

Yeah. That’s just the delivery.

So, what are your options for these people? CPC’s aren’t going to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars for one person to give birth. 

Please, tell me what you want  a pregnant, uninsured person who doesn’t qualify for government aid to do. Let’s hear it, oh-so-wise-but-still-ignores-every-good-question-that-comes-his-way one. 

Come on. Stop being evasive because you can’t answer and actually try for once. What should these people do?

Placing money over the life of a fellow human being is wrong and utterly selfish. Do you hear yourself? You are arguing that a child should be killed in the womb if he or she presents a financial challenge to their parents. How is this different from a toddler presenting a financial challenge to their parents? Should the toddler be killed because it’s easier to kill them than give them away to a ‘couple of strangers’?

First, human beings have been birthed for millions of years without concern about hospital bills, nor hospitals, nor even buildings. Not having these things does not warrant the killing of an unborn child.

Second, most prearranged adoptions involving an unborn child include full coverage of medical expenses for mother and child.

Finally, and I am only going to focus on the United Kingdom based on a five minute search, here are just a few resources available to financially challenged mothers…

Healthy Start

Housing Benefit

Income Support

Childcare and Tax Credits

Care to Learn

Maternity Allowance

Paternity Pay and Leave

There are countless other resources provided by federal, state, and local governments, private charities, religious organizations, and even hospitals. I can assure you that if you are a pregnant mother and you simply ask for help to carry, birth, and feed your child, you will receive it.

There is never a good enough reason to intentionally kill an innocent unborn child. Never.

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what if a pregnant person cant afford having a baby? or struggles with depression and couldnt take care of it? if you say \'adoption is always an option\' or \'they could get help\' im jumping off a cliff because dont you dare say its easier to give a baby away to a couple of strangers than to abort a fetus (or as you like to call it \'child\')

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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