When pro-‘life’rs say “It’s not a ‘fetus’, it’s a baby!


It’s not.

[not only by the words’ definitions but also because science]

You do realize it says “unborn human babyin the definition of fetus, right?

For the record, “baby” is actually not a medical or scientific term anyway.  A newly or recently born human child is a “neonate.”  Similarly, “fetus” does not describe what it is so much as it describes a stage of development.  Human development goes like this: zygote —> embryo —> fetus —> neonate —> infant —> toddler —> child —> adolescent —> adult.  These are the developmental stages of a human being, and they are conceptual constructions for convenience of description, NOT separate entities.   In referring to “the embryo,” or “the fetus,” we are not referring to something distinct from the human being that each of us is, but rather to a certain stage in the development of each human being. 

And that’s not a matter of opinion, conjecture, speculation or theory. Rather, it’s the expression of reality as determined by scientific observation and analysis.

Yet a majority of anti-choicers (which I stated at very beginning of the post, if you care to read it,) reject the term
fetus and insist that abortion simply involves a baby, or even go so far as to use the term child, giving people who don’t know a lot about the subject of abortion a wrong idea of what is really happening. And let’s not ignore that the definition of ‘baby’ still includes the word born.

Like I said, “baby” is not a scientific term so there really isn’t a confined definition.  ”Baby” can be a pet name between lovers, an insult to person acting immature, or a grown adult can be  ”the baby” of the family simply because they are the youngest member.  What you’re getting at is that a fetus is not born, so you can’t call a fetus a “newborn,” and that’s perfectly right.  You can’t call a fetus a “toddler” or an “adolescent” – because it’s not.  But a fetus can be rightly called a “baby” – it’s a baby in utero, a baby in the womb, an unborn baby.  In our culture, we throw “baby showers” when a woman is a pregnant.  If you go to the American Pregnancy Association’s website, they have a section called “Your Developing Baby.”  Medical professionals refer to the pregnant woman’s child as a “baby” during medical exams – “Baby has a strong heartbeat today!” 

It’s perfectly acceptable, normal, and well within the range of scientific accuracy to call a fetus a “baby” even if they are still developing in the the womb.  Baby is not confined to only born babies, it’s not a scientific word with strict limitations.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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