Can no longer consider myself pro life for everyone but myself. Thanks to her, I will now support abortion for other women even when I think it’s completely insane or wrong. What I see wrong won’t mean it’s wrong for her, if she wants it then she should obtain it as safely as possible.

I personally will never get one even if my life is on the line but if the other woman wants it then who am I to stop her?. I don’t live their lives or know the situation so I have no right to tell her “no” to her choice. I can deny myself abortions because it’s my right to do so but I don’t have the right to deny it to other women.

Yes, I think it’s sad to let any life die but wouldn’t it be worse for that said life to die in a possibly more gruesome matter (abuse and or starvation) and for the woman to face prison time for a situation that could have been avoided had she been able to get an abortion?.

So, I will be pro life for myself but pro choice for the rest of the women. I will help women obtain safe and legal abortions if they wish it, but I will also help women not obtain one if they don’t want one and help them obtain the best help and resources for herself, her born children if she has any and her unborn child.

Sorry pro lifer’s but the choicers are looking out for the best interest in people and that’s what I want; the best for everyone not for just one.

So thank you Choosechoice for making me realize that abortion is not the cruelest action in this world but denying someone the right to one is.

You have now embraced the killing of innocent living children for any reason at all. Does this make you feel more accepted? Are you enjoying your new found admiration from those welcoming you into their depraved little world where the weak and defenseless are snuffed out on demand and without apology? That warm blanket of apathy is nice and snuggly, isn’t it? Almost like being in the womb, where we should be safe and protected. But we’re not, are we? Because the womb is now the most dangerous place on Earth, thanks to people like Choosechoice.

Read this post so you know exactly what your good friend Choosechoice has talked you into endorsing. You will now have the blood of millions of butchered children on your hands. Their slaughter will be your legacy.

Watch this video to hear from a rabid pro-choice activist who later became Pro-Life. I urge you to reconsider your position. Our unborn children desperately need you.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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