Hello! I’m submitting this through a dummy account for reasons which will be apparent in a moment. 

I’m a 22 year old female law student, at a prestigious law school that recently jumped into the top rankings (which is a big deal in law school land). This is all I’ve ever wanted to do, but it has been a long, long, LONG road to get here, and here is why:

For pro-life people like myself, the entire higher education system is against us—violently so. I went to undergrad (at a small, liberal-arts uni) buying into the ‘everyone’s views are welcome’ mantra that’s so often waved around lately. And at first, I was very open about my views—if asked. I had firm resolve against abortion for many reasons (reasons which are identical to yours, by the way, even in the realm of general equality at large), but I wasn’t much for letting my politics or personal views into the air. I didn’t feel like it was productive and I had enough to worry about with college starting up. I never really DID anything about it, or brought the topic of abortion up, or even really thought about it much. But, if someone asked me, I told the truth. This was a massive mistake. I got flyers slipped under my door telling me to kill myself, saying I should have been aborted, my stuff got thrown out windows, I had the Women’s Center of the University try to give me what amounted to an ambush intervention, etc etc. I literally provoked none of it—I had just told around five to eight people three words: ‘I’m pro-life.” That’s it. No reason or rhetoric—not that I could have, anyway. The moment I said it I got screamed at. They spread it around the building and Women’s Center until it was almost constantly in my life. I really wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not.

Now, this mostly pissed me off. I didn’t spiral into depression about it because seriously, who gives a fuck, I am going to think what I want to think—especially if it’s the truth. What DID get to me was when it got around to the professors. 

Again, I never even bothered to bring it up with anyone. And at this point I knew enough to keep my mouth shut if the subject came up. One day, though, my sociology 101 professor pulled me aside after class and said she was disappointed to hear that I was pro-life. “I had seemed so bright, why don’t you care about your own rights?”

I knew immediately I would have to make a choice. I could tell the truth and have my grades suffer for it (anyone who thinks objectivity and believes that would have been an option for me at that point is a naive fucking idiot—get your head out of your ass), or lie and have to deal with the knowledge that people thought I was okay with the idea of ripping a living baby out of my uterus when it was inconvenient for me.

All I ended up saying is that I do care about my rights and then I bounced. But I still had to make that choice, once and for all. Whatever I chose was going to define the rest of my academic career—and, eventually, my actual career.

I chose to lie, and I stand by that position. Like I said, I always knew I wanted to go into law. It’s my passion and my calling. I agonized over it for a long time, but I eventually realized this was better. 

Who were these people, anyway? They were nothing and no one, bullies too scared of facing their own hideous natures to even begin to try and comprehend that they were wrong. They were professors and TAs that would be out of my life in four years. The energy I would have wasted defending myself to them was better put towards kicking undergrad’s ass and getting into the best law school I could. After ‘seeing the light’ in front of my friends I got a note from that same professor one day saying:

‘Glad you came around! :)’

My law school produces judges and legislators. My goal is to become a judge, and later a politician. I am going to get shit done.

I lied for four, now going on five years, and it is so, Difficult. I just had my last Constitutional Law class, and I have never been so angry in my life. Law school is better than undergrad—a lot of the histrionic posturing is taken away because the general intelligence level rises. To an extent, objectivity is fostered, just by virtue of the profession itself.

That was obliterated the second we got to substantive due process in Roe v. Wade. The professor, a feminist pro-choice advocate, just-shy of mocked the few outspoken pro-lifers in the room, and laughed when a guy likened the rights of the baby to discussing the rights of a tin can. I, as usual, kept my mouth shut. She, like all law school professors, had a picture-linked seating chart with all of our names on it. She openly told us she could adjust our grade up a + or – if she thought we deserved it after the blind grading was over. I knew the ones who disagreed with her were getting a small dip in their average, and by the end of the class so did they. 

Nothing ever came out of a woman’s womb that wasn’t a human being. We do not give birth to tin cans. As a woman, I know that I would never, ever, be able to forgive myself for what I had done if I had an abortion. I would spend every day knowing how old my baby would have been. Knowing that it would have started school, would have fallen in love, would have done all of the things life has to offer—but for me. Anyone who can honestly say they don’t regret their abortion must be a true sociopath, and have reached the absolute height of selfishness.

I’m quiet now, but when I’ve graduated, when I’ve worked my way right into the bowels of the beast, I will be the loudest, angriest, truest advocate for life. It’s my fire, and my motivation for everything I do. The advocates for life in power now are bad at their jobs. They take a very wrong route, argue horribly, defend themselves weakly. Still, the offices in our country are near-saturated with people who buy into the ‘pro-choice’ rhetoric, and with the way things as a whole are going, they won’t be there for long. 

I won’t. I’ll have the tools and the background necessary to tear down what has been built. I will make a difference, alongside people like you. Thank you, cultureshift, for doing what you do. You are not alone, and though I can’t help you yet, I soon will be. I’m sorry this was so long—I just wanted to share that there are, in fact, people out there who are actively working towards making a difference, and that you aren’t screaming into a void. We’re standing by you—just a little quieter. For now, at least.

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Thank you so much for your story. I am anxiously awaiting your arrival on the front lines of this fight to reclaim our humanity. I can tell that you are going to make a huge impact on our world – on the lives of those currently at risk of being aborted. Please hurry, our unborn children desperately need you.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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