Our population is currently difficult, on the verge of being impossible, to sustain. If we were to give birth to every fertilized egg, how would we care for them? As it is, there are droughts, famines, a lack of suitable housing, not to mention our government is so far in debt that generations to come will have to pay for it. What do you plan to do so all the fertilized eggs will not further the problem nor suffer for those in charge now?


Your thinking is extremely dangerous. Remember, you are a fertilized egg. You are suggesting that we kill the weak to make room for the strong. You are advocating for the destruction of ‘unwanted’ human beings so that the ‘wanted’ can have access to more resources.

Thinking like yours never fails to result in the mass slaughter of human beings. In fact, it already has. Your thinking is helping to sustain the killing of millions of unborn children by their own mothers. You are as complicit in their deaths as the abortionists who are pulling them apart by the thousands each and every day.

If you are really so concerned about overpopulation and the sustainability of our natural resources, why not kill yourself to ease the burden? It’s easy to be pro-choice when you’re not the one doing the dying, isn’t it?

Reject the cruelty of human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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