I am always amazed at the brain power some people apply in trying to justify the killing of unborn children. People like you take a sliver of the abortion cases, in this case impregnation by rape (1%), then tack on poverty and ‘unsuitable environments’. Most of the asks I receive like this one also include mental illness and some form of child abnormality. At this point, we are usually so deep in the rabbit hole of hard cases that the percentages are microscopic The fact is, over 97% of all abortions are done for completely selfish reasons, and over 99% are done on physically healthy mothers with children who are capable of living a full life.

But lets explore your hard case…

1. If a woman is raped and impregnated against her will, should she be penalized for aborting?

When human rights are extended to all human beings and abortion is outlawed, yes, she should be punished for killing her unborn child. My daughter was conceived through rape and if someone were to kill her, their punishment should be no less than if they killed a child conceived through love. You see, the manner of our conception does not define our value as human beings.

2. What if a woman can barely afford to feed herself let alone another human being living inside her?

Most of us have these things called ‘families’, and they have a responsibility to care for the membership of that family. I will go even deeper down the rabbit hole with you and assume your hard case pregnant woman doesn’t have a family she can rely on (we should now be around the <.001% of cases). Most of us have these things called ‘governments’, and they have a responsibility to care for their citizens. Things like welfare, WIC, and medicaid are available to ensure your hard case mother and her child are cared for. Of course, there are thousands of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and a plethora of other private charity organizations that can and will provide her assistance, but I’m sure you already realized that and just didn’t want to complicate your well crafted ask.

3. Finally, since we have established that there are resources to help your hard case mother besides an abortionist and his stainless steel ‘problem solvers’, perhaps you have heard of adoption. It’s a rarely mentioned solution by the pro-choice groups, so I wanted to make sure you were exposed to it.


Please watch this video to hear from a woman conceived through rape and then ask yourself if your life is more valuable than hers.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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