The child above and their mother were tragically lost due to an hepatic ectopic pregnancy. This child had lived for 18 weeks following their conception.

A real-life encounter shared by my-unashamedly-antiabortion-blog…

This week I met a girl who was 18 weeks along. She wanted to keep her baby but her dad was screaming at her to not trust me. She was texting me that night saying she was in pain and then she stopped contacting me. I was scared. The next day on the actual procedure day I was there begging, I begged on my knees for the girl not to let her dad force her into the abortion. That we could take her somewhere safe and to not be afraid. The door was slammed on me and her 18 week baby was killed and I could do nothing. She texted me again and said it’s over, there’s nothing left but pain. 

This girl and her father intentionally killed a child just like the one pictured above. Proponents for killing unborn children repeatedly claim that they are only killing a clump of cells. This is yet another of their many lies.

Abortion kills an innocent living human being.


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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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