You sound like someone that is only 99% pro-choice. You are receptive to the idea that we were indeed the same human being while growing within our mother’s womb as we are today. You seem open to the concept that life begins at fertilization and that our humanity is not determined by our size, location, stage of development, manner of conception, age of our mother, or the level of our dependency.

I say these things because you wished me every success. My life goal is to stop the killing of unborn human beings. This goal is diametrically opposed to your stated beliefs. That’s why I believe there is at least 1% of doubt in your position. I hope I can reach you through that small aperture and begin to widen it.

Together, we can change our world for the better. Together, we can end the human tragedy of abortion.

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I am 100% pro-choice because I feel like only the person who is pregnant (and I deliberately use the word \'pregnant\', because transgender and non-binary people with female bodies can become pregnant), but I really respect what you\'re doing and I feel like your ability to stick to your guns and way of thought in the face of adversity is really something to be admired and emulated. While I don\'t agree with what you are saying, I find your arguments interesting, and I wish you every success!

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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