There has been some debate about the appearance of an embryo (see cultureshift’s post here).

The way to prove whether the original picture is genuine is to compare it to other human embryos of the same age. Looking at it and saying “that’s a cat” was kinda dumb, given that comparison to other human embryos of the same age would have been sufficient to validate the original picture. But of course, genuine pictures of embryos often make them nervous.

The part of this video I want to focus on is an embryoscopy of a procedure used to remove a baby who failed to exit after a miscarriage. You see them at various angles, but the best shot is at the eight minute mark.

Now I don’t have an exact age for the baby, but judging from the hands, I think we can say it’s about 5-6 weeks. Also, it’s from a Colombian fertility clinic, so pro-aborts can’t say it’s a cat or some other mammal.


It has taken an enormous amount of evidence, effort, and time to convince the abortion cheerleaders that this human embryo is not a cat.

Human Embryo 6 Weeks

Rebuttal 1.

Rebuttal 2.

Question 1.

Question 2.

Imagine what it’s going to take to get them to accept the humanity of the preborn and to stop the killing.

Never give up on life.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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