I am, and always will be, pro-life. I believe that no matter how you look at the issue – morally, ethically, logically, religiously, or even scientifically – you should come out with a stance that is pro-life friendly. However, despite coming from a relatively stable family with little to no history on abortion, and having no experience with the act myself, abortion still offends me on a level that goes deeper than any of the others – it offends me on a personal level. This is why.
Once upon a time, there was a zygote. Not an embryo, not a fetus, but a zygote. Just like you and I were when we were first started out. This zygote could not do any of the things that we normally associate with life – it couldn’t breathe, it couldn’t think, and it had no heartbeat. It did, however, have something that no other thing in the entire universe had: a unique set of human DNA. This zygote held the key to creating a human being with dark hair, tan skin, and pretty brown eyes. It was for an individual with a dominant right brain, which means the person would be more naturally inclined to creativity than it would be to analytical thought. This zygote also had a pair of X chromosomes,meaning that it would develop into a girl.
The mother that this zygote depended on didn’t want her. She wanted to eliminate it. She didn’t want the trouble of having to care for it as it grew bigger and more bothersome. She would rather have had it flushed out of her system while it was still legal to do so, and act as if the DNA that had just been created never existed in the first place.
However, she did not. I still haven’t gotten the full story as to why, but I believe it had something to do with pressure from the mother and/or father’s family. She was not happy about this decision, however. The mother did several different drugs throughout the majority of her pregnancy, and as a result, the zygote had a heck of a time getting started. It had to have been an incredibly difficult nine months, but in the end, this brave little zygote was able to push through, graduating into an embryo, a fetus, and then finally a newborn baby.
Had the mother have gone through with her decision, the DNA inside that zygote would have ceased to exist for all eternity. Never again would a set of genes knit themselves the way that they did in that moment; never again would there be a human being with the same dark hair, tan skin, and pretty brown eyes that this zygote had in store. Never again would there be a human brain quite the same as the one that grew from that microscopic little speck. All those wonderful things may not have existed at the time, maybe, but they never would have existed had the abortion happened or if the zygote had given up.
But it didn’t. And because of that, I am proud to say that that tough little zygote has grown into an unique and wonderful young lady. Not only is she currently striving to become an animator a Disney, but she’s honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and I’ve met a lot of nice people.
Because of abortion, this zygote could have been erased from existence. Because of abortion, one of my best friends could have been murdered. I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for her, and because of abortion, that almost didn’t happen.
I’ve kept all the names anonymous, but I know she has a tumblr and follows this blog. So, on the minuscule chance that you took the time to read all this, I love ya, Nan <3

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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