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cognitive dissonance


  1. Mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information.

Several pro-abortion advocates on tumblr are afflicted by this condition as shown by the above referenced post demonstrating that they believe the human embryo above is a cat…


Just gonna pop in here because this is actually a cat fetus, not a human fetus. Fetal cats are typically grey, like the one shown above. If this was a human fetus it would be pink. You can see more here, as you can see they display two images with three 28 day fetuses, the top one is a cat, and is very similar to this one (Almost identical).

You’ll use literally anything for propaganda won’t you? (Another hint to this is human embryo’s do not keep their tails into fetal development at 6 weeks, humans lose their tail at 4 weeks, this is either not as developed as you claim… or definitely not a human The evidence is pointing to the latter).

A few points to demonstrate her complete ignorance of developmental human anatomy:

  1. The fetal stage of human life begins after the eighth week, making the image she is referencing an embryo, not a fetus.

  2. The color of human skin and other organs is dependent on blood flow. If a human being has been dead for a period of time, they are not pink, but grey.

  3. Humans don’t have tails, we have spinal columns that extend beyond our torso during early development. Cats have actual tails, as shown in the image of the cat embryo above. The human embryo she claims is a cat is approximately 48 days old, or six weeks and six days. The human spinal column is not fully absorbed into the torso until around the 54th day, or almost the eighth week, not the fourth as she claims. For proof, see the Carnegie Stages of Human Development.

The human embryo I posted a photo of and as shown above is a medical specimen belonging to the collection of the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara, Spain, Department of Pathological Anatomy. Please visit this website for more details.

The image of this human embryo has been used to support pro-life education about human development around the world for years…

Here are just a few of the comments made about my original post thanks to the ignorance and confusion spread by those too blind to see the truth…

Lunatic doesn’t even know what the difference between an animal fetus and a human fetus is. I’m…unbelievably embarrassed for you right now. 

Pro-life activism: Confusing cats for kids since it was convenient for them.

I can’t believe a woman had a cat fetus inside her. It’s a good thing she got an abortion.

I still can’t get over the fact that somebody tried to preach about aborting with a fucking cat fetus picture.

Finally, from popcultureshift

He never, ever, ever admits to being wrong. Which says a lot, really. Many times the pro-choice blogs have admitted they they’ve fucked up and were sorry but nope, not lord cultureshift. He’s never wrong. NEVER.

This post will get very few shares as it points out the ignorance and the utter denial of the humanity of the prenatal child by abortion advocates.

And I am sure that popcultureshift will ‘never, ever, ever admit to being wrong’.

Posted by cultureshift

A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. You forgot the thumb on the cat fetus. Cats have four “fingers” and a “thumb” that eventually rests just below the four on their front paws, which the one you are pointing to in the x-ray. Also there are plenty of cats who have extra digits, their called Polydactyl cats. Its genetic mutation that is fairly common and even is a dominate characteristic.


    1. You can see in the photo that the cat unused toe looks like a “bump” higher up & to the side. Anonymous, I appreciate your input, but the unused toe doesn’t “eventually rest below”( ?) the 4 toes that are side-by-side, it stays on the side. It is similiar to the dog unused toe that is above the other toes on the side of their leg. (but some dogs don’t have it) For a cat owner, it’s hard to trim that one! It doesn’t stick out at the end of the paw like the others do, but is flush with the leg/paw… Polydactyl cats do have 5 or more used toes, & I heard even 7! They are so cool to watch, their paws look HUGE!!!! I always wanted one, but they are scarce….


  2. The 3 points of human anatomy are correct.. Embryos & Fetuses are tiny living offspring of their parents. Since the creation week God made it so… (Genesis chapter 1)

    Even if a cat was polydactyl, the embryos would still look different. The beginnings of the unused toe on the side of the cat’s foot is another proof of differences. They are different in ways that are clearly seen if you take the time to look. Looking at this & other pictures, the shape of the head, differences between the tail & the spinal column, & features of the face are all clues. There is no reason to confuse the two different babies. The misconception that all embryos are alike is just that, but it is still propagated. Haekel’s Embryos are also falsifications that remain in textbooks to this day, despite being proven to be false many years ago…

    “You shall know the truth & the truth shall set you free.” It is amazing to note that the truth never blinds…


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