From almost aborted to in my arms: The beautiful story of baby Blake…

June 10, 2013 started out like any other day at “Allen County Right to Life” in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Everyone was working on projects for upcoming events. I was making calls regarding our Banquet dinner in October when my cell phone rang. It was my oldest daughter, Ali. I answered the phone and she informed me that a friend of hers had called her and asked if she would drive her to her appointment today at the abortion clinic. I sat stunned for a moment thinking why is this girl calling my daughter knowing that my daughter is against abortion. Ali asked me if she should go with her friend, and as stunned as I was, I immediately said “yes! She is going to need you!”

I asked that she stop into my office first before she takes her into the clinic. I knew the resources we had could save this child’s life. Ali agreed to bring her to the office before heading to the clinic. “Allen County Right to Life” is right beside the abortion clinic and two doors down from us is “The Hope Center” where they have an ultrasound machine.

I immediately let everyone in the office know what was going on. Julie Perkins, Executive Director of “Women’s Health Link”, and I started working on a plan. When my daughter arrived we immediately jumped into action working on saving this child’s life and also this woman from a lifetime of guilt. Ali’s friend agreed to allow an ultrasound and what she saw, saved her child’s life. She was 9 weeks pregnant and she started crying as soon as she saw her child on the screen.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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