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This anon represents yet another person so determined to continue the slaughter of our unborn children that they continue to deny their humanity, even in the face of evidence. I will try yet again to help you to grasp the reality of the unborn human child…


The photo of the cat embryo is from PawPads, the site you referenced in your ask. You will clearly notice that the cat embryo has developed an actual tail, just like a cat has. The ‘tail’ on the human fetus is actually their spinal column and is being ‘absorbed’ as they grow. You will also notice that the cat embryo has cat eyes and the human embryo has human eyes. You will also notice that the cat embryo only has four bones developing in its paw whereas the human embryo has five bones developing in their hand.

The color of the human embryo is likely due to the length of time he or she has been without fresh blood. In case you were unaware, our bodies are no longer pink when blood is not flowing through them, they become pale and pasty, and eventually turn black as they rot away…


This child was killed by saline abortion. Yes, that is a human being, not a cat.

Please accept the humanity of the unborn child. They are as real as you and I. We have dehumanized other classes of people throughout our often sad history, always with the same horrific results. Stand against human abortion. Stand for Life.

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pawpeds(.)com/pawacademy/reproduction/embryology/ those are pictures of cat fetuses. that thing you posted is probably a cat fetus around 21 days into development. human fetuses are not grey. they are pink. admit you are wrong, for once. everyone make mistakes sometimes.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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