This person reached their sixth week of life following conception. They were not just a clump of cells. If you are going to advocate for the killing of prenatal children, at least accept their humanity and stop believing the pro-choice lie.

Abortion kills an innocent human being.


Just gonna pop in here because this is actually a cat fetus, not a human fetus. Fetal cats are typically grey, like the one shown above. If this was a human fetus it would be pink. You can see more here, as you can see they display two images with three 28 day fetuses, the top one is a cat, and is very similar to this one (almost identical).

You’ll use literally anything for propaganda won’t you? (Another hint to this is human embryo’s do not keep their tails into fetal development at 6 weeks, humans lose their tail at 4 weeks, this is either not as developed as you claim… or definitely not a human The evidence is pointing to the latter).


Not to be unbelievably immature but


Cultureshift, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and write, “I got schooled” 30 times for me. Lines. Go. Now.

Lunatic doesn’t even know what the difference between an animal fetus and a human fetus is. I’m…unbelievably embarrassed for you right now.


He never, ever, ever admits to being wrong.

Which says a lot, really. Many times the pro-choice blogs have admitted they they’ve fucked up and were sorry but nope, not lord cultureshift. He’s never wrong.



These sad people remain, like most pro-abortion advocates, in a complete state of denial. Their minds cannot accept the humanity of a prenatal child. They cannot admit that what they so desperately want the right to kill is a human being, a person – one of us.

This is the Carnegie Stages of Human Development…

carnegie stages of human development

These pictures are from the same photo set as the one I originally posted…

This is an image of another human being at about the same age as the child above…

human embryo 6 weeks

And these are images of a preborn cat after five weeks of gestation…

Confront ignorance with education. Only the truth can end human abortion.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.


  1. sure looks like a cat embryo to me.


    1. Definitely a cat embryo.


  2. It is gray only because of being dead a while!!!… If you compare these photos & diagrams of Pre-born Human Children with all the other accurate photos & diagrams out there, you find that they are in agreement with one another. … The same with the Pre-born Cats. Each species is unique, with it’s own special qualities. As God said, he made each, “after it’s own kind”. To say they are alike, is just an attempt to discredit the truth…


  3. I don’t understand what are these denialists trying to get at. What are they trying to prove insisting a human fetus is a cat fetus, anyway?


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