No born human has the right to use someone else’s body without consent. Even if refusing will end in the other person’s death. If my sister needed a kidney transplant, and mine was a match, nobody could force me to give mine up to save her life. Her right to life does not trump my right to decide how my own body is used. Even if a fetus had rights, it still wouldn’t have the right to use my uterus if I don’t want it to be using my uterus. It doesn’t matter if it dies as a result.


You are attempting to compare an apple to an orange, thus invalidating your argument.

There is absolutely nothing comparable to pregnancy. Nothing. A newly created human being has every right to live within his or her mother’s womb. That is why she has a womb. Its very purpose for existing is to harbor new human life. Not one of the mother’s organs will be lost during childbirth. In fact, the child will take everything that was created to nurture them through their gestation with them upon their birth, leaving their mother fully intact.

Having an organ cut out of your adult body to surgically implant it into another person’s body is nothing like pregnancy. If you are going to attempt to justify the killing of unborn children, at least use a valid argument. {hint: there aren’t any}

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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