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A mom-to-be learned the baby she was carrying had Down syndrome. She asked a significant question to a Down syndrome advocacy group, and they answered her with this video.

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21.

This is beautiful.

(I’d like to point out that the woman who wrote the email was already that child’s mom, but this is still tear-jerkingly beautiful)

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.

Worldwide, 90% of children diagnosed in the womb with Down Syndrome are killed before they have the chance to live.

Often, it’s because mothers and fathers are scared. Will they be able to care for their child? Will their child have a life worth living?

The first question can be difficult, but there are wonderful organizations dedicated to supporting parents of kids with Down Syndrome and finding adoptive homes for kids whose parents simply can’t take on the challenge at that point in time.

The second question, however, is easily answered:


Every life is worth living. Every child is worth loving.

Please don’t kill your child simply because he or she is not as capable as other children. You have not known love and kindness until you’ve known a child with Down syndrome. Protect these children as you would any other.

Please remember that adoption is always an option. To learn more, visit Reece’s Rainbow.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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