Trust me, I fully understand how cruel this world is. We have devalued human life to the point that we are literally killing 5,000 innocent unborn children per hour all around the world. That’s 120,000 dead babies EVERY DAY. Saying that abortion ‘isn’t a pretty thing’ is a gross understatement. Abortion is a travesty propagated by unadulterated selfishness and the darkest of human depravity.

Trying to justify the slaughter of unborn human beings because animals are also being slaughtered is the saddest of arguments. If you are an animal rights activist, wouldn’t it make more sense to fight against abortion? Do you really think there is ever hope to end the killing of animals when we are so willing to kill our own sons and daughters? Ending abortion will ignite a change of heart that will move us away from a culture of death toward a culture of life. And you can be a part of that. Will you stand for life or will you turn your back on it?

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You clearly have a hard time understanding that the world is a cruel place. Abortion isn\'t a pretty thing, and I understand that. Are you a vegetarian? All life is beautiful, eating meat is murder. Please don\'t tell me you support the murder of animals as well?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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