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I responded the way I did to her for the same reasons I respond to every mother who shares the details of their child’s slaughter while continuing to advocate for others to do the same. Those reasons are as follows…

  1. No mother who freely makes the choice to intentionally kill her child, whether born or unborn, deserves sympathy for making that choice. It’s easy to be pro-choice when you’re not the one doing the dying.
  2. These mothers of now dead children continue to advocate for the choice of others to make the same tragic mistake they made, and if they again become pregnant, will likely kill another child if the circumstances aren’t ‘optimal’.
  3. Mothers who kill their children and then share the painful details of their child’s death like it was just another medical procedure must be brutally and forcefully confronted. They dishonor their child’s life by publicly humiliating them in an effort to gain sympathy for themselves.
  4. If these mothers are not confronted, abortion will become destigmatized. There is a major effort in the media today to do just that. Movies, TV shows, cable news programs, magazines, websites, and every other conceivable media outlet are making a concerted effort to tell as many stories about women aborting as they can in order to ‘normalize’ the killing of unborn children. If they are not confronted every step of the way, all will be lost and millions more will die.
  5. It is a very short leap of logic to begin to believe that since killing children while unborn is legal, killing them shortly after their birth should be legal as well. Planned Parenthood’s own lobbyist testified to this effect, stating that if a child is born alive during an attempted abortion, whether or not that child receives life saving medical care should be left up to the mother and her abortionist. In fact, Belgium just passed a child euthanasia law allowing the killing of post-born children, further miring our world in the abyss of what has become a culture of death that solves its problems by killing the unwanted, the unloved, and the disabled.

If a mother who has aborted her child feels regret and NO LONGER ADVOCATES for the killing of unborn children and is sharing her story for the purpose of saving other children’s lives, I will respond with support. Mothers who do this do not talk about their unborn children as if they were objects being ‘sucked through a vacuum like pennies’, to paraphrase ephemeralityy’s description of her child’s death. They talk about them with respect and work to honor their short lives.

If you are Pro-Life and you wrap your arms around a mother who has killed her unborn child and remains pro-choice, you are costing other children their lives. You are helping to destigmatize abortion and you are playing into the hands of the abortion industry. They want these mothers to earn your sympathy. Because when they do, other women will see how kindly they were treated, even by members of the Pro-Life movement, and will be more likely to make the choice to abort.

You must be stronger than the evil you are confronting. You must be willing to be hated so that the innocent, the voiceless, and the defenseless may live. You must be unafraid, unashamed, and unrelenting.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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