You were either misinformed or are in denial. Our hearts begin to beat after 18 days of life and begin to pump blood after 21 days. If your child was 3-4 weeks old, he or she was 21-28 days into their development. That means your now dead baby’s heart was definitely beating, and you stopped it, ending their life.


Your baby was not just a ‘ball of cells’. Thd child above is what your child looked like when you had him or her destroyed. You clearly believe that you didn’t kill a real living human being, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Even if your child was just a day old and looked like the child below, you still ended a human life. In fact, the child below is already a boy or girl and his or her eye color, hair color, voice, personality, and thousands of other traits have already been determined. They just needed nine more months to prepare for their birth.


Remember, YOU LOOKED JUST LIKE THESE HUMAN BEINGS at one point in your life. In fact, they look EXACTLY how a human being should look at these stages of life. Judging someone based on their appearance is wrong, killing them because they look different is depraved and immoral. Just because your baby didn’t look like the child below, doesn’t mean he or she was any less real.


You clearly still support the killing of children while developing in their mother’s womb. I offer you this response in an effort to awaken you to the reality of the unborn child, the reality of life, and the reality of what you have done. It is never too late to change your mind and begin to defend the most vulnerable members of our human family.

For more information on human reproduction and development, please watch this video and this video.

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I had an abortion January of last year. never really got into debates about it until someone reblogged something with your comment on. At the time I was 15, and was still suffering from anorexia and panic attacks. I was approx 3-4 weeks and I only knew because of they mandatory test I had to do when prescribed benzodiazepine. At the time it would still be a ball of cells. No hearbeat. and I\'ve researched it so emotional manipulation will not work. The NHS recommended and paid for it.

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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