My mother also regrets aborting my little sister. I have said this before in other posts regarding this topic: the only path to redemption following the realization that you have not just participated in a ‘simple medical procedure’, but have, in fact, killed your living son or daughter, is to dedicate your life to fighting for the lives of those at risk of being aborted.

If she hasn’t already rejected the concept of killing unborn children, help her to come to this realization. Help her to also realize that she can honor and recognize her child’s lost life by saving other children from the same fate. Tell her to dedicate each life she saves to the memory of her aborted child. This way, his or her life will not have been lost in vain. Also encourage her to reach out for support…

If she is religious, a good option is Rachel’s Vineyard.

If she is secular, she should reach out to After Abortion or PASS With Love.

She may also want to purchase the self-help workbook, Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, to work through her pain on her own terms.

Please do not refer her to the pro-abortion group Exhale, as this organization is endorsed by the abortion industry and works every day to destigmatize the killing of unborn children. They even refer women to Planned Parenthood to, believe it or not, attain abortions. How can an organization that believes that unborn children aren’t really children and should be destroyed at will help a post-abortive mother heal? They will only work to convince her that her child was not real and that her choice was valid and nothing to feel remorse over. This is not true healing, just more lies to keep the killing on track.

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Hey so one of my friends recently told me about how she had an abortion late last year and regrets the decision a ton and is so upset about it. I don\'t know what I\'m supposed to say to help her through this because I\'ve never been in her situation before. Can you help?

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A plea to win the hearts of those who choose to dehumanize our development and undermine our right to live.

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